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About the Sports Equipment Project

Our love for sports led us to create The Sports Equipment project which collects gently used recreation and sporting goods equipment and puts it in the hands of those in need.  Simply put, we want other children to enjoy quality athletic and recreational sports equipment and enable to them to reach their full athletic potential.

In the United States, 15 million children (21 percent) are part of families with incomes sinking below the federal poverty line (National Center for Children in Poverty). Many children right here in Chesapeake are living at or below the poverty level, unable to afford basic necessities like food and housing.  While we make no claims to attempt to solve these issues, we are looking to enhance the lives of children in our city affected by poverty by providing access to sporting equipment.   Athletics makes a difference, not just physically, but on a psychological and social level, too.

Many Thanks to the United Methodist Women of Great Bridge United Methodist Church!

The United Methodist Women of Great Bridge United Methodist Church made a generous donation to Chesapeake’s Kids that allowed us to purchase book shelves.  Prior to that, we had no place to store the books we were collecting for the book drives.  Thanks to their kindness, we now have three tall …

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Thank You to the Dorsey Family!

A huge thank-you goes out to Peggy and Willie Dorsey of Jacksonville, Florida, formerly of Chesapeake, Virginia.  Prior to their move, Peggy and Willie graciously donated three boxes of children’s books that will be used in our next book distribution.  Thank you for remembering Chesapeake’s Kids!

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We Did It!!

We held our first book fair on Wednesday at Camelot Elementary School.  We brought 1500 books and allowed the 550 students of Camelot Elementary to select two books to take home for summer.  The children were so excited and so appreciative.  We had a few lessons learned (next time, bring …

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My Fourth-Graders and “The Little Prince”

As a substitute in a Title 1 elementary school, I take every opportunity I can find to expose my students to great literary works.  Currently, a fourth grade class I am working in is taking a journey through the pages of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry”s The Little Prince.  Since it is …

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Thank You, GBUMC!

          Great Bridge United Methodist Church made a generous donation to Chesapeake’s Kids that will allow us to purchase a ton of  books AND purchase book labels for 1,000 books.   Thank you for caring about Chesapeake’s Kids!!  

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