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Thank You, Brenna!

brennaWhat happens when a middle-schooler with a voracious appetite for reading realizes there are children in her city that don’t have books of their own?  An avalanche of books for Chesapeake’s Kids, that’s what!

Gayle Walch heard about our book project in her Sunday School class at Great Bridge United Methodist Church.  When Gayle told her daughter, Brenna, about the project, Brenna went to work.  An avid reader, Brenna selected over 100 of her own beloved books to share with the children of Chesapeake.  These books, in pristine condition, were the type that are greatly coveted by the girls that attend our book fairs and were snatched up quickly at our recent book fair at Carver Intermediate School.

But Brenna didn’t stop there!  In December, Brenna was assigned a persuasive essay in her 7th grade English class at Atlantic Shores Christian School.  This is the essay that she wrote:


Touched by the essay, her English teacher, Mrs. Crowgey, asked Brenna to read the essay to the entire class and even offered to donate books of her own to Chesapeake’s Kids.  Now that is what we call a persuasive essay!

Based on her teacher’s kind response, Brenna and her mom decided to start a book drive of their own.  Through their generous friends and colleagues at Atlantic Shores, Gayle and Brenna have now collected over 500 books for Chesapeake’s Kids!

Brenna and Gayle, you have been an inspiration to all who have heard this story.  We at Chesapeake’s Kids thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!


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