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From the Children

Just a sampling of the delightful thank-you notes we received from the children of B.M. Williams Primary School…

Dear Chesapeake Kids, I liked the books they were vantaskick. the ere yul one was brileyit. the wisrous one was prfit bof of thim were prfit. I red them all nit.

Dear Chesapeake’s Kids Thank you for the book.  I love the books I read I also think that you have good books.

Dear Friends, The books that you gave away to me was super.  Thanks for give books.  It was fun looking at all the books.  I enjoy the books that you gave away to me.

I really like the books you gave me. Tae r the bast books. You aavr gav us.  I tack you r the bast.  Do you like snaks.

Thank you for the free books you let us keep.  I love the books.  You is so so so so so nice. and by the way I like the book.

Thank you for these books. I rily like these books. Thank you for the books it was an oner for you giving us your books.  We are so glad.