Our Donors

Our donors are a diverse group from every walk of live and every age group.  The one thing they have in common?  Their desire to help the children of Chesapeake!  These folks are making donations, giving of their time, passing the word and generally just helping to spread the word about Chesapeake’s Kids!

  • A thankful grandmother
  • A local bikers club
  • A group of church men
  • Three teenagers from a local high school
  • A family with five children of their own
  • A young mother of two
  • A Navy family with two athletic kids
  • A local Church
  • A teacher at a Title 1 School
  • A church ladies group
  • Middle school students from a local school
  • A Church Golf Tournament
  • A group of college students
  • A retired teacher
  • A Sunday School class
  • A middle school service organization